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Happy holidays!

2008-12-25 20:52:35 by trike56dude

happy holidays! as you know Hanukkah ended and today IS FUCKIN CHRISTMAS!!! and kwanzaa. I think. so tell me how your holidays went :P


2008-12-12 20:17:28 by trike56dude hmm.


2008-11-05 17:34:05 by trike56dude

Obama won yes! america wont be screwed up! well i also have good news, im moving to Detroit MI, im not gonna be in the city but im gonna be in the suberbs. so Macomb county here I come!


2008-11-03 19:20:58 by trike56dude

as we all know ellection day is tommorow and i want to do sonthing, sp tell me who u think will win!


2008-11-01 23:41:41 by trike56dude

its boaring im stuck in a fuckin house with a dick for a freind and my rubix cube is also done. but yeah, shiza!


i havent been on on a while

2008-10-20 17:03:27 by trike56dude

i havent been on in a while but, i got a licens to fly! its so fun and hard, ill spare the details, so just lettin people know i didnt die and burn in hell :]

i havent been on on a while


2008-10-05 19:40:36 by trike56dude

i want to have a chaleng done, flashes will rain who will win? submit if u want to live. mwahaha



2008-09-15 15:26:23 by trike56dude

This is my favorite song an band, dont tell me they r a peice of shit cause well, i dont want that here. O.O So yeh her u go. mnMewPw&feature=user

Gitaur battle full vr has over 100 listens!

2008-09-11 16:59:39 by trike56dude

my song gitaur battle has over 100 listens! go listen to it. i also submitted a new song go check that out to. also join foxes new web site at orum/ oh and i changed my icon! and go check my new song its called rain of fire!


2008-09-09 15:23:40 by trike56dude

go join fawx and his empire of flash artists! well me i guess i could make the music (if fawx will let me) orum/category/general/page1/