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2008-09-09 15:23:40 by trike56dude

go join fawx and his empire of flash artists! well me i guess i could make the music (if fawx will let me) orum/category/general/page1/


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2008-09-09 21:17:36

fawx isnt good at flash...

he is also not 18

(Updated ) trike56dude responds:

god dude, let that go, so hes not 18. and screw u dude, fawx is well, ok at flash. so his drawings arent perfect and but his flashes are funny thats what its about. so fuck u dipshit.


2008-09-10 19:38:18

Thanks for advertising man!

trike56dude responds:

np i helpout every time


2008-09-10 20:08:36

el oh el, i dont give a shit if its funny, i didnt laugh at ANY of his movies they all sucked.

trike56dude responds:

fuck u dip shit get a fucking life