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2008-09-15 15:26:23 by trike56dude

This is my favorite song an band, dont tell me they r a peice of shit cause well, i dont want that here. O.O So yeh her u go. mnMewPw&feature=user


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2008-09-16 17:36:07

I almost saw them, but I didn't have enough money... plus 5 people died at one of their concerts... Bitchen

trike56dude responds:

cool, im goin to one in like two days


2008-09-22 22:11:05

I'm sorry to tell you this but slipknot blows monkey testicles...

trike56dude responds:

well fuck u u have not contributed anything so fuck u.


2008-09-25 22:46:04

*insert something interesting about winged cats* ^.^

trike56dude responds: